Nearly $200,000 for Four Passengers Hurt in Car Accident

Our first client was one of four passengers in a car that was hit after another driver swerved to avoid a deer, hit a patch of ice, crossed into oncoming traffic and hit the vehicle our client was in. She suffered fractures to her hand, requiring surgery. The insurance company made a top offer of $68,000 to resolve the case pre-suit. 

This offer was rejected and Attorney James Carlson sent the insurance company a policy demand and copy of the complaint. He intended to file if the policy limits were not offered. The insurance company immediately tendered the $100,000.00 policy limits.

After that, Attorney Carlson also represented the three other passengers in the vehicle at the time. $35,000 for one client with seat belt burns and multiple contusions. $58,000 for another who sustained elbow and rib fractures. And $4,000 for another with bruising and contusions.

Altogether, our clients received $197,000 for their injuries.