On State Highway M in Watertown, Wisconsin, John Robinson was riding eastbound on his 2003 Harley-Davidson when the defendant, who was in a car and traveling northbound, turned left onto South Montgomery Street and directly into his path, unable to avoid the inevitable collision. An ambulance was immediately dispatched to the scene and upon its arrival, the motorcycle was found partially under the bumper of the car with Mr. Robinson lying on top.

He was diagnosed with a wrist fracture and placed in an arm cast for several weeks. Follow-up treatment revealed that the injury was not healing and he consequently underwent multiple surgical procedures in an attempt to fix his injuries. His doctor stated that he suffered a permanent injury as a result of this accident.

The at-fault driver's insurance company initially offered Attorney Jason F. Abraham $157,000 to settle this case. Attorney Abraham rejected this offer and immediately started a lawsuit against the insurance company and the driver. After a year of litigation, he was able to successfully resolve Mr. Robinson’s case at mediation for $275,000.

Mr. Robinson indicated that he was very pleased for the hard work that Attorney Abraham did resolving his claim.

Hupy and Abraham has successfully represented well over 1,000 injured motorcyclists in motorcycle accidents in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and other states. We recommend drivers of all vehicles to look carefully before turning left and specifically watch for motorcycles. Left-turning vehicles have caused accidents that have resulted in awards to our clients of over $1 million in serious cases.


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