Insurance Settles for 5x More Than Initial Offer, Before Trial Even Began

Our client was driving in Winnebago County, Illinois, near Rockford, when she was rear-ended by an inattentive driver while waiting to make a left turn. The other motorist failed to see or slow down for the stopped vehicle and struck our client. She suffered numerous soft tissue injuries as a result and turned to Hupy and Abraham.

The insurance company made an initial offer of $6,200 and then made a presuit offer of $7,500. A lawsuit was filed, and the mandatory arbitration award was $27,782. The insurance company rejected the award and the case was set for trial. 

Attorney David N. Metnick won all pretrial motions. Several offers were made and denied after winning the pretrial motions. Days before the trial is to begin, the case settles for $30,000, which is more than the arbitration award that the insurance company rejected.