Illegally Parked Car Causes Accident That Injured Four Siblings

On June 13, 2016, in Richland County, four siblings were in a car driven by an older sister. Approaching a curve on a two-lane road, she came upon a vehicle that was illegally parked in her lane. Persons in the illegally parked car were checking on a vehicle that was stalled in the opposite lane of travel. Due to the illegally parked vehicles, our client ended up colliding with one of those vehicles.

As a result of the accident, all four children were injured, including a child who sustained a laceration to his forehead, which resulted in a scar.

The at-fault insurance company that insured the vehicle illegally parked refused to accept more than 30% liability. They argued our clients were at fault and argued our client’s insurance company should take primary responsibility.

We filed suit against both insurance companies to ensure our clients were compensated. Hours before mediation, the defendants each agreed to accept 50% liability. The total settlement reached was $93,550, the majority of which was allocated toward the claim of the child with the forehead scar.