Our client was rear-ended on a bridge. Hupy and Abraham represented her at trial

On a Sunday night in October, our client was driving home from the gym when she was rear-ended on a bridge that crossed the Mississippi River. When her car was hit, she lost control and swerved multiple times before her car came to a resting spot on the bridge. She developed back pain and bruising on her thigh and arm. The insurance company made an initial offer of $4,000 to settle the case. Later, a “best and final” offer was made in the amount of $7,500. We chose to file a lawsuit and on the eve of trial, the insurance company’s top offer was $11,000. Attorney David Metnick informed the insurance company that their offer was rejected and we would not settle for anything under $20,000. The insurance company responded with an email that stated, “We are going to trial.” We were victorious at trial and judgment was entered for an award that topped $25,000.