At Grand Avenue Mall in February 1998, our client Vernita Brooks was running electrical wiring through the YMCA portion when several bricks fell from masonry scaffolding above, knocking her off the ladder and hitting her right hand, head, and back. Her right thumb needed to be surgically fused and she sustained permanent pain both in her back and from nerves in her hand.

She hired another local firm. Without her permission, they attempted to settle her case for $200,000, telling her that it was not possible to receive more than that for her injuries. She declined the offer and the firm again pressured her to settle her case. She fired her attorney and sought representation from Hupy and Abraham.

Attorneys Jason F. Abraham and Chad A. Kreblin immediately hired new experts to evaluate her case while they conducted a proper investigation. Through depositions, we discovered that the fallen bricks were recklessly placed on two boards above the mason's scaffolding; as he attempted to move the boards, they separated and the bricks fell on Ms. Brooks, who was working below.

Attorneys Abraham and Kreblin received an increased settlement of $440,000 offer for our client, twice as much as the best deal offered to her prior lawyers. Although her injuries were serious, Ms. Brooks was extremely happy with her improved settlement and is looking forward to moving on with her life.

Not all lawyers are created equal. Some advertise that they are experienced in handling large cases when, in fact, they've handled very few. The law offices of Hupy and Abraham have a proven track record in handling large cases and have a large staff equipped with the knowledge and resources to get you the results you deserve.


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