semi truck trailer in parking lot on a sunny day

Our client was driving a semitrailer on a two-lane highway in northern Wisconsin. Without warning, a car approaching from the opposite direction crossed the centerline and struck our client head on. It was a very serious accident and our client was badly injured.  

It was determined that the at-fault driver was operating a rental vehicle at the time of the accident. This provided Hupy and Abraham with the opportunity to bring claims against three different insurance companies: the insurance company that insured the rental vehicle; the insurance company that insured the at-fault driver personally; and the insurance company that insured our client through his work (which is only available if the rental and driver had insufficient insurance coverage). The insurance company that insured the rental vehicle made a very nominal offer of settlement (less than half of its available coverage limits). Hupy and Abraham initiated a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and all three insurance companies.  

With the advice and guidance of Attorney Evan Claditis, our client was able to settle his case without the need for trial, obtaining the maximum limits of insurance from both the rental and at-fault driver, and tens of thousands more from his employer’s underinsured motorist coverage.