Our client was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle when they were T-boned by another vehicle that raced through a red light. She suffered significant ulnar nerve damage and multiple fractures in her right arm, the latter requiring emergency surgery to repair.

Prior to the accident, she was about six years away from retirement. Now, her entire arm is permanently home to stainless steel plates and screws throughout to hold her bones together and the ulnar nerve causes her considerable pain on a daily basis.

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Upon investigation, our skilled team at Hupy and Abraham in Madison discovered that one of the client’s insurance carriers didn’t have a subrogation clause, meaning she was not entitled to a portion of the settlement and that her actual “in-pocket” recovery could have been substantially higher had it not been for this tiny yet major detail.

Important details, such as this, can sometimes elude attorneys who do not specialize in personal injury cases—but not Hupy and Abraham.

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The initial offer was less than $100,000 and instantly rejected by our attorneys. A settlement was eventually obtained of $325,000, more than triple the original offer. Hupy and Abraham wish our client the best on her journey toward retirement.