A Plainfield, Illinois woman was searching for a parking space at a local shopping center when her car was hit by a vehicle. Although it was a low-speed impact with very little property damage, she was severely injured and eventually required spinal surgery.

The insurance company officials denied her claim, stating that they couldn't believe she could be significantly injured from such a low-speed accident. After this denial, she decided to hire Attorney Vito Manicioto of Hupy and Abraham in Gurnee.

We attempted to negotiate with the insurance company but were met with the same denial. We filed a lawsuit and intensive discovery was conducted on the claim. As the case progressed, Attorney Manicioto built a strong case against the defendant, putting the insurance company in a position where it initiated the settlement discussions.

Attorney Manicioto refused to accept the insurance company's $100,000 policy limits for her injuries, so, ultimately, the case settled not only with the $100,000 policy limits but the defendant also contributing personal funds to add further value to the settlement.