50k crash

August 26, 2020, our client was driving her vehicle north on Sherman Boulevard approaching the intersection with Fairmount Avenue in Milwaukee. While there are no stop signs for vehicles on Sherman, there are stop signs for vehicles on Fairmount. As our client entered the intersection, a vehicle on Fairmount that was approaching from the east, failed to stop for her stop sign, entered the intersection and collided with the passenger-side of our client’s vehicle. As a result of the impact, our client was injured, sought medical treatment and missed time from work. 

The insurance company for the responsible driver made a very low offer to settle our client’s case, arguing that our client was partially responsible for causing the accident. This low offer was rejected outright and a lawsuit was initiated on our client’s behalf. Without the need for trial, Attorney Evan Claditis was able to settle our client’s case for the policy limits of $50,000.