Car stopped at a red street light and $400,000 on the image

A Lake County husband and wife decided to vote early, as the wife was scheduled to have shoulder surgery later in the day. While stopped at a traffic light, they were rear-ended with such force their vehicle was pushed into the vehicle in front of it. Both husband and wife sustained serious injuries and were taken by ambulance to the hospital where both stayed for over a week.

Even though the physical evidence was clear, the insurance company claimed they could not reach their insured and refused to negotiate settlement of our clients’ claims. Attorney Vito Manicioto refused to accept the insurance company’s delay tactics and immediately filed a lawsuit.

The case went through written discovery and as trial approached, the insurance company finally gave in and began negotiating. Attorney Manicioto was able to make sure the husband and wife were fully compensated for their injuries by recovering over $400,000 for the couple.