$200,000 case result for out client

Our client was T-boned at an intersection by an inattentive driver in Cerro Gordo County, which resulted in a significant neck injury. A CT scan and MRI revealed the impact caused a spinal injury, which normally requires hardware surgically implanted to strengthen the spine. Our client was allergic to the components in that hardware, which postponed the surgery until alternative hardware could be developed.

After months of negotiation, our attorney was able to obtain $100,000 in policy limits from the at-fault driver's insurance company and an additional $100,000 from our client's underinsured motorist policy. Despite such a significant injury to our client's spine, both insurance companies claimed a previous neck injury absolved them from tendering policy limits. Hupy and Abraham did not allow our client to be pushed around by the insurance companies tactics.

Thankful for the firm's help, our client appreciated all of the hard work that was done on her behalf. She even wrote a thank-you note to her attorney, legal assistant and the rest of the Hupy and Abraham support staff that said, "Just saying thank you doesn't seem enough. I hope you know how appreciated you really are."