When choosing a law firm and hiring a lawyer to represent your claim, you may want to know a little about the law firm and what they stand for. Before hiring a lawyer in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Iowa, watch this short video to learn about Hupy and Abraham.

It is important to know the mission of a law firm and what it stands for. At Hupy and Abraham, our mission is to serve our clients and the public. Every attorney and staff member in every state our offices are in are focused on giving our clients the best possible service. In fact, we have built a successful practice by providing great service to our clients, which is why they have written testimonials, referred their friends and family members to us, and have come back when they needed legal help again.

To work with a law firm who values you, your wishes, and will give you the time you deserve, contact Hupy and Abraham. You can speak with a knowledgeable injury attorney in a free consultation simply by dialing 800.800.5678 or connecting with us online at