In this testimonial video, Joel Goltry describes his motorcycle accident and working with Milwaukee motorcycle accident law firm Hupy and Abraham

In July of 2010, Mr. Goltry was driving through an intersection when a turning vehicle hit the left side of his motorcycle. As a result, his foot was left nearly severed and was broken in three different directions.

Mr. Goltry decided to contact Hupy and Abraham the first day he was in the hospital. Shortly after this, he was visited by an investigator from the law firm to record his story and begin work on his case.

As for his injuries, doctors were able to repair the bone structure, but the nerve damage was irreparable. Because of the nerve damage, the pain was incessant. When trying to walk on his left foot, the pain was also severe, sending sensations up his spine. This severity of pain made working nearly impossible.

After meeting with many medical experts such as surgeons, nerve specialists, and psychologists, it became clear that amputation may be the best option.

Mr. Goltry’s insurance company initially denied his claim and did not want to cover his prosthetic leg. The staff at Hupy and Abraham coordinated with Mr. Goltry, the insurance company, and even the insurance broker. The end result was that within two weeks, he received the coverage that he needed.

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