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WI IL IA Watch this video to meet attorney Michael Hupy, find out how he grew his firm into the largest volume personal injury practice in Wisconsin, and why he believes in excellent service and putting his clients first.

After joining an existing law firm in 1989 where the mission was to “do well by doing good,” Hupy kept the tradition alive as he took over the firm and grew the practice from 25 people to its current growth of 135 employees, in 11 offices and in three states. Not only does he find a great amount of pleasure in helping secure the most money possible for his personal injury clients, but he enjoys his social responsibilities.

Hupy knows that the legal profession only exists to benefit the public, reduce the number of personal injury accidents, and serve clients. He is very proud that Hupy and Abraham built its reputation by providing excellent service to all of the firm’s clients and by giving back to the community.

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