Many people often ask our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers if Wisconsin is a no-fault state. Learn how the state of Wisconsin operates in regard to fault laws here in this video.

Wisconsin operates under a tort system where there is one party considered at-fault in the event of a car crash.  This means that the person determined to be at-fault for causing the collision will be responsible for the other’s expenses such as property damages, bodily injury, lost wages, and other damages. This is why every driver in this state should have enough insurance to cover such damages in the event they are found at-fault in a Wisconsin auto accident.

Do you know if you have enough insurance? The most important thing you can do is to become an educated consumer and buy enough insurance to protect yourself. To find out if you have enough insurance, or for help with a personal injury claim, call the Wisconsin accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham 800.800.5678 for a free consultation.

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