You may have heard that insurance companies—even your own—use tricks and tactics to get out of paying policyholders what their Wisconsin auto accident claims are worth. Unfortunately, it is true. Insurance companies are more concerned about boosting their profits, even if it is at your expense.

Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers want you to know about two tricks we are currently seeing insurance companies use that can cost you money.

  1. Beware of insurance adjusters showing up at your home within hours or days of your car crash. You may not even know how seriously hurt you are, but they may offer you a settlement check on the spot. It is important to remember that if an insurance company is offering you money right away that it is only for their benefit.
  2. Beware of insurance companies asking you to give them a quick statement. They are looking to see if they can use anything you say to place some of the blame on you and limit their liability. It is best to not give statements to the insurance company immediately after a Wisconsin car accident.

Instead of accepting a settlement check or making a statement, you should contact a Wisconsin auto accident attorney immediately. Have the personal injury lawyers of Hupy and Abraham protect your rights. Contact us today for a free consultation at 800.800.5678 or online at

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