After a motorcycle accident, don’t you want someone on your side who understands the motorcycle laws, knows the dangers motorcyclists face, and has successfully represented thousands of injured riders? Watch this video to find out what separates the lawyers at Hupy and Abraham from the rest.

Not only do we represent injured riders following motorcycle accidents, but many of our attorneys ride. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a watch for motorcycle campaign to try and prevent motorcycle accidents across the Midwest from happening. Additionally, our law firm has done a lot behind the scenes for riders, such as lobbying to change bad laws that affect motorcycle riders. Because of our efforts and our experience in handling motorcycle accident cases, we are known for being a motorcycle injury law firm.

For legal representation after suffering an injury in a motorcycle crash, you should turn to Hupy and Abraham. You won’t find another law firm in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois that has represented more riders than we have. Call us today at 800.800.5678 or contact us online at

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