When a tragic Milwaukee car accident claims the life of your loved one, you know that no amount of money can bring back your family member or take away your pain; however, you also know that you will need compensation for funeral expenses and other damages you and your family have incurred as a result of the unexpected death of your loved one.

Following a deadly car crash in Wisconsin that claimed the life of your loved one, you need to know what damages you and your family are entitled to. There are many damages available; however, there are caps on damages a family can receive for loss of society and companionship. When a child under the age of 18 is a victim of a wrongful death in Wisconsin, $500,000 is the maximum damages a family can receive. In the event the victim is an adult or any child over the age of 18, the maximum damages a family can collect are $350,000. It is very important to remember that there are other damages likely available, and an experienced Milwaukee wrongful death lawyer will know every element of damage you may be entitled to.

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