What do you do if a light turns yellow at an intersection monitored by a red-light camera? Would you speed up to hopefully make it across the intersection before the light turns red and the camera takes a picture of you, or would you slam on the brakes to avoid getting a ticket in the mail?

In this video, a Wisconsin personal injury attorney discusses the two schools of thought surrounding red-light cameras. Some argue that red-light cameras reduce the number of red-light runners and intersection crashes; however, opponents of this theory believe that red-light cameras may cause drivers to slam on their brakes and create an unnecessary intersection accident in Wisconsin.

There are many states and cities across the United States operating red-light cameras; however, Wisconsin isn’t one of them at this time. If you are injured in an intersection accident, call a qualified Milwaukee accident attorney at Hupy and Abraham for a free consultation at 800.800.5678 or contact us online at

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