A touching letter from a client of Attorney Theisen.

Dear Mr. Theisen,

Thank you so much for all your good work including all those telephone calls you made to make this settlement happen.

Your persistence did prevail, and my check arrived exactly one year later, on the date the accident happened!

My many talks with you have been heartwarming and I thank you again for your kind words the day I was having a bad month/day! Those kind words will also be a memory to treasure. I regret not meeting you face to face, as a former salesperson, I would have enjoyed meeting you. I am enclosing a recent photo of myself so that when you think about this case that went on and on, you will have a face to remember me by. I hope I surprise you a little, this is 76!

Keep Fighting for your clients and keep up the perseverance you have shown is one of your virtues.

Lynn H.