Rabbi sitting with two students

Dear Mr. Hupy,

In the spring of 1980, Rabbi Raphael Wachsman travelled to Milwaukee to ascertain the possibility of opening a Yeshiva. That pilot trip was the springboard from which the dream of a Yeshiva became a reality - WITS. With a close to forty-year history of Harbotzas HaTorah and Mussar, and over 1200 alumni, WITS exists as an everlasting legacy to Rabbi Wachsman's determined self-sacrifice.

Rabbi Wachsman had a remarkable sense of personal responsibility to WITS. His Talmidim and friends were and are the beneficiaries of this phenomenal rabbinic leader. His care and concern were heartfelt and enduring. His reach spans the globe, from the minds and hearts of the Talmidim and adults he taught and touched, to the families of our alumni and to the Torah institutions led and supported by those alumni.

On June 16th, we gathered together in Milwaukee to honor the legacy of Rabbi Raphael Wachsman ZT"L, founding Rosh Yeshiva and the “Father of WITS,” as well as the Graduating Class of 2019. With your gift, you are part of continuing this legacy. We thank you for being part of this special and important event.


Rabbi Dovid Brafman
Director of Development

Rabbi Yehuda Cheplowitz
Rabbi Avrohom Boruch Rauch