Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your support of our 2017 Pinktacular Event as a table captain. Your generosity and willingness to support our efforts to raise funds for breast cancer and prostate cancer research helped make this year’s event a tremendous success.

A highlight of this year’s luncheon was our public announcement of WBCS’s commitment to a $1 million Prostate Cancer Research Professorship in support of MCW’s advancement of a Prostate Cancer of Excellence. The recruitment of Hallgeir Reui, MD, PhD, in 2014 as the WBCS Breast Cancer Research Professor has had a transformational influence on breast cancer research at MCW. That success was a critical component in our decision to fund a second professorship opportunity.

The WBCS board of directors’ decision to fund a prostate professorship places WBCS in the unique position of sponsoring two professorships at MCW. Both are unique too, because our all-volunteer, grassroots organization has both generous corporate foundation donors and support at all levels by individuals from every walk of life. The funds we raise represent a community of supporters who are transforming treatment and advancing research in ways that otherwise would not be possible.

Your support has made it possible for us to invest $6.475 million in research in the 20 years since our founding in 1998. Researchers we support have leveraged our early-stage seed grant funding by an additional $61.5 million in competitive awards by grantors such as the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute. Our collective efforts have had a foundational impact on breast cancer and prostate cancer research. You are helping to sustain and further our mission. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Jan Lennon
On behalf of the 2017 Pinktacular Event Committee and WBCS, Inc.