what a settlement

I want to thank Hupy and Abraham, and everyone that I worked with in regards to my accident. I don't remember everyone's name, I wish I did, but I felt the dedication and commitment from everyone I was in contact with. My very first contact was with the lady that stopped at my house to sign papers. She assured me that y'all had my back. Everyone from the firm was completely professional and told me to take care of myself, heal and that everything else would be handled. Over the entire process I never felt out of the loop and was contacted only with questions or to be given an update.

Please pass this on to other team members. Again, thanks to all for taking care of every detail for the entire case. There was not one time that I had to worry about anything other than getting better. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, what a settlement. The final testament to your firm’s knowledge and respect is seen in that settlement.  

Lastly, I want to tell you that after many physical therapy appointments, multiple operations and some very hard rehab work, I am doing great. I still have some work to do but I'm 90% there.

Thank you and congratulations!

Randy L.