Walworth County Fair Sponsorship Thank You

Hupy and Abraham,

We want to extend a thank you during this holiday season to you and your business for your generosity and continued support of our Fairgrounds and its events during the past year.

This year, the Fairgrounds, specifically during the Walworth County Fair, faced many challenges. The weather that Walworth County experienced over the summer, including a tremendous amount of rain received during the Fair, caused our yearly attendance to experience a dip. Additionally, we were forced to not only delay but eventually cancel our first concert in many years. While this was for the safety of our patron and out of our control, the Fair Board chose to offer refunds to those that had purchased concert tickets.

Despite these circumstances, the Fair Board, staff and community continued to pull together. Local businesses and volunteers pulled vehicles out of deep mud and pumped water out of low spots. Many fairgoers brought a positive atmosphere to the situation by playing in puddles, singing and making lifelong memories. Events, such as Elkhorn Ribfest and the Holiday Affair Craft Show, also helped offset some of the losses created by the Fair.

Support from business leaders, such as yourself, have made it possible for the Fairgrounds and the Fair to survive. While your sponsorship in the past was influential and gratefully appreciated, your sponsorship in the future is more important than ever. As always, we will continue to market your business and its services to our thousands of attendees and large social media following, but we also have a commitment to develop the connection between our brands. Our connection is highly visible to our community, and we are striving to strengthen this partnership so that it benefits your business as much as it does the Fairgrounds.

Wishing you the blessings and joy of a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Larry Gaffey
General Manager
Walworth County Fairgrounds