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Dear Hupy and Abraham, 

On behalf of all of us at the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF), we are honored to include Hupy and Abraham in the 2017 Workplace Giving Campaign. As UPAF celebrates its 50th Anniversary, we are sincerely grateful for your organization's help in "setting the stage" in making Greater Milwaukee a wonderful place to live, work, create and play.

We are very lucky to have access to world-class local entertainment. Our theater, music and dance scene:

  • Entertains residents and visitors alike.
  • Drives our economy through jobs created, businesses supported, and talent attracted and retained.
  • Educates our children and impacts their future employability and life-long success.

Our robust entertainment landscape is due in large part to UPAF, the single largest donor to all 15 Member Groups. Without UPAF, many of these groups would not be able to provide the same high-level performances and educational opportunities, or in many cases even sustain themselves. UPAF receives NO government funding - all monies raised are contributed by individuals, companies, and foundations that believe in the importance of the arts in our region. 

Workplace Giving is UPAF's "sweet spot" because it effectively exposes thousands of employees throughout our community to the incredible depth and breadth of performing arts available in our region. We greatly appreciate your leadership with the Hupy and Abraham campaign and your endorsement of UPAF's mission.

Our thanks to all employees at Hupy and Abraham that support our community through a donation to UPAF.


Deanna L. Tillisch

United Performing Arts Fund