NBTA member Anne MacArthur Congratulates Michael Hupy President's Award

Dear Mr. Hupy:

We've not met but we are fellow NBTA members (an achievement in which I take great pride). I was delighted to read that NBTA selected you for its Trial Lawyer of the Year award. I write to extend my congratulations.

I have long been impressed with your and your Firm's philanthropy. I admire that someone who has succeeded so highly continues to give back to those with less or who benefit from the projects large donors are able to fund. Giving back is one reason Law remains, to my mind, one of the Learned Professions, anachronistic as that concept may seem in today's rough and tumble world of PI litigation. 

You have most certainly paid more than your share of civil rent. I am particularly appreciative of your gifts to the Medical College of Wisconsin for breast cancer research. I do not doubt the funding you provide will advance research and save lives. 

Congratulations again on this well-deserved honor, and thank you for all that you and your Firm have done and continue to do both within and beyond the courtroom.

With sincere regards,

Anne MacArthur

Anne M.