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Dear Hupy and Abraham,

On behalf of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) K-9 Foundation, thank you for the “two-paw sponsorship” for our upcoming June 4th golf outing. Your sponsorship assists us in achieving the mission of the MPDK9 Foundation which is to raise money for:

  • Purchase of additional dogs for the MPD9 unit
  • Dog and officer training
  • Equipment needed to convert a regular squad vehicle into a K9 unite vehicle
  • Essential on-the-job K9 supplies

100% of your donation goes directly to the Foundation. The dogs (all German Shepherds) are purchased directly from Germany and are trained for suspect apprehension and drugs, and firearm and explosive detection. Their job along with their handler is to keep our city and its citizens safe.

Again, thank you for your donation. It will help the MPDK9 Foundation continue to support the important work the MPDK9 unit does in the community.

Marie Lieber, Secretary
MPDK9 Foundation