Michael Hupy,

At Wisconsin All Stars Baseball, we had a player from Wauwatosa East High School play on our team. His name was Khalil. Khalil comes from a single parent family home. Khalil does not even know his dad. He is in jail. I  never asked why he is. Khalil is an outstanding student athlete with a very good GPA and ACT test score, plus he is a real good baseball player.

When he tried out for our team he looked good and I made him an offer to play on the All-Stars. Because Khalil comes from a broken home he could not afford our registration fee to play on the team. I said to him that I could help him out. We have never turned away a player because of a family circumstance that they could not afford to play on the team. Some way we always worked it out.

I wrote letters on his behalf and you supported him with a donation, Mike.  I was very grateful for your support and so was Khalil. We are very fortunate to have sponsors that care about kids in our community. People like you, Mike, that want to make a difference in kids lives.

I want you to know that Khalil sent me an e-mail. He is going to Edgewood College in Madison WI in the fall to study premed and to play baseball. Khalil wants to become a doctor. Edgewood College is a NCAA Div III program. I thought you might want to know that.

Thanks for all you do in the community. I know that you care and you want to make a difference. You have done so in Khalil's life.

God Bless.

M. Buelow - Wisconsin All Stars Baseball