Hupy and Abraham Lends Support to the MACC Fund

Dear Hupy and Abraham,

On behalf of the MACC Fund, thank you for your donation in support of childhood cancer and other related blood disorders research.

Your contribution will help the MACC Fund continue to support research into the effective treatment and cure of childhood cancer and other related blood disorders. Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children after the newborn period. Your gift also supports research for related blood disorders like aplastic anemia and sickle cell disease. The overall cure rate for childhood cancer has risen from 20% to 80% during the 40-year lifetime of the MACC Fund with nearly $59 million which the MACC Fund has contributed playing an important role in that success. Thanks for being part of that Gift Hope.

Thanks to generous friends like you, great things are being accomplished in the MACC Fund Research Center of the Medical College of Wisconsin, in the MACC Fund Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin as well as in the MACC Fund Childhood Cancer Research Wing at the University of Wisconsin’s Carbone Cancer Center.

Thank you once again for your special gift and for caring for the children. We are proud and grateful to have you on the MACC Fund Team.


The MACC Fund