James Arthur Albert Foundation

Dear Jason,

The James Arthur Albert Foundation gratefully acknowledges your generous contribution at our June 22, 2017 Books and Bricks for Belize fundraising event. It was a great night. We brought over 300 people together, and we raised over $90,000! We could not have done it without you.

We raised enough money to send 220 impoverished children to high school in September! We are also awarding our first 20 university scholarships. And, we are constructing two new high school classrooms that will be finished by the start of classes in September.

Our Foundation is run by lawyers and business people here in Iowa and Minnesota who volunteer their time. None of the money raised is spent for salaries for those of us who run this Foundation. And in Belize, we pend the contributions we receive with accountability few can match.

We are giving three of our new university scholarships to three students we put through high school—Adelina Tush, Leon Chub and Henry Teck. Adeline just graduated #33 in her class. Leon was #2. Henry was the valedictorian. Henry is now going to University to become a nurse, and then he is going to return to his village of San Benito Poite as the first health care professional they have ever had.

Those students would never have seen the inside of a high school without us. Multiply that by hundreds of children who now will have educations and a chance in life. Because of Americans.

Thank you sincerely for your contribution.

James A. Albert
Professor of Law
Foundation President