Posted on Oct 18, 2018

thief stealing a motorcycle - how to prevent motorcycle theft

Winter can be a hard time for bikers. Not only is riding difficult but often our motorcycles are safely stored away out of sight. Or are they?

Winter storage, especially if not in a monitored facility, can be a dangerous time for motorcycles. By their nature, bikes are lightweight and easy to steal. And unfortunately, custom bikes to common ones are at risk, as both contain easily sellable components.

Want to ease your mind for the winter months while your bike is stored away? Check out our quick theft prevention tips below to find out how!


The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is true, to an extent. A concealed storage space will be safer than a public one, but unfortunately runs the risk of providing cover to thieves as well. Pairing a good spot with an inconspicuous and darkly colored cover will help keep the bike hidden.


The first step to prevent a thief from rolling your bike away is to put it in gear. This might seem simple, but to someone who isn’t familiar with a bike, putting it in first gear will provide at least some semblance of a challenge.

The second step is to buy some sort of locking mechanism. Disc locks work well to immobilize the bike, but unfortunately, they are easily mitigated by removing a wheel. You can opt to put the lock on a back wheel, which will make it slightly more difficult.


Chains are another popular method for motorcycle security. Unfortunately, chains can also be compromised by determined motorcycle thieves. Try to keep the chain off the ground (which makes it harder to break), and loop it through something secure like another bike, ground anchor or solid object.


Ideally, you’ve invested in both chains and a disc lock at this point. Alarms are sold separately for your motorcycle, but several lock systems are sold with an alarm automatically built in. The trifecta of these three factors, combined with adequate coverage, is about as good as you can get.


Lock the steering on your bike! Yes, it is breakable, but typically thieves are looking for a quick job. By locking your steering, you create one more extra step for them to navigate.

You can also remove your clutch lever relatively easily, which just adds another deterrent to criminals looking for a quick steal. 


The last step! Regularly checking in on your stored bike might just save you from a theft. Often thieves will scout an area before actually committing a crime. Keep an eye out for anything that seems tampered with like garage doors or locks, any thefts in the neighborhood or evidence of any attempts on the bike itself (they may be small, so check thoroughly). MOVE your bike if you see any evidence of an attempted theft. Consider installing cameras, and in the instance that your bike IS stolen, don’t place your new one in the same place (thieves may watch for this).

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to ensure a motorcycle isn’t stolen. But following smart storage guidelines should help ensure that your bike is safely in storage over the winter and you’re back riding again in no time!

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Do you have other ideas or ways you store your bike? Tell us in the comments! 

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