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Driver And Passenger Injured Severely in Kenosha Motorcycle Accident


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Posted on Mar 24, 2012

A motorcycle driver and his passenger are hospitalized after suffering serious injuries in a Kenosha motorcycle accident.

The Wisconsin motorcycle accident occurred on the evening of Wednesday, March 14. The rider was driving on 29th Avenue in Kenosha when a car backed out of a driveway in the 6300 block and struck the motorcycle. The male driver suffered serious leg injuries and was taken to Kenosha Medical Center. His female passenger suffered severe leg injuries and a moderate head injury. She was taken by Flight for Life helicopter to Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee. The accident remains under investigation.

Neither victim was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. While a helmet would not have prevented the leg injuries, it may have prevented the passenger’s head injury. Even moderate head injuries can have long term physical, emotional and cognitive effects, including personality changes, loss of coordination, difficulties with speech and memory, and depression. The symptoms will depend on the part of the brain that is injured.

Those who sustain head injuries in a Wisconsin motorcycle accident may require physical therapy, speech or language therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, and neurosurgery. While recovery may take weeks or even months, in time, most patients with moderate brain injury recover most or all of brain function. A motorcycle helmet is the best protection from head injury. 

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