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Are Motorcycle Checkpoints Profiling?


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Posted on Oct 27, 2009

The debate over the profiling of motorcyclists is ramping up across the nation.  Wisconsin riders are concerned about the issue and in North Carolina riders advocates are speaking out on behalf of riders.

In North Carolina checkpoints have been set up specifically for motorcyclists.  The riders are singled out and required to stop and show license and registration information.  In a recent checkpoint 19 charges were filed.  The charges ranged from driving while impaired to non-compliant helmets. 

According to police they are simply trying to prevent the deaths and injuries that have become too common in their county.  Onslow County was ranked number one in the state with the number of motor vehicle crashes that involve motorcycle fatalities, said Holly Ridge Police Sgt. Keith Whaley.

However, riders' advocates such as Janice MacKay, director of the N.C. chapter of B.O.L.T (riders of Lesser Tolerance) don't believe this is the reason.  MacKay said that stopping a motorcycle just because it is a motorcycle is equivalent to pulling over a black man for "driving black."

For now though, the law is on the side of the police.  The use of motorcycle checkpoints has thus far been upheld by North Carolina courts. 

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