Requiem for a motorcycle accident victimYour family’s life changed at the moment your loved one was hit by another driver, but it was weeks before you knew just how much it would change. Your spouse was badly hurt and taken right to the hospital where you sat by his bedside for weeks and listened to the doctors discuss the ups and downs of his condition.

Ultimately, your spouse died in that hospital from internal bleeding, organ damage, or infection related to the pelvic fracture he suffered in the motor vehicle accident. You know what caused his death and the doctors know what caused his death, but the other driver and his insurance company are fighting your family’s fair recovery.

What Will Happen Next?

What happens next depends, in part, on how hard you are willing to fight for justice. Consider the following scenarios:

Scenario One: You Do Nothing

If you don’t take any affirmative action after your spouse’s death, then you are unlikely to make a fair recovery. The insurance company may contact you and offer you a low settlement. It may even be tempting to take that settlement so that you no longer have to think about the legal issues related to your spouse’s death. However, the recovery may not fairly compensate you for your loss, and your family may suffer financially in the future.

Scenario Two: You Take Charge of Your Family’s Future

You can do this by contacting a wrongful death lawyer and fighting for the fair and just recovery that you deserve. You can present evidence that explains your past, current, and future damages and that protects your family financially so that you and your children don’t suffer a change in your standard of living as you mourn.

Your family is going through an unimaginably difficult time. It can be hard to concentrate on what needs to be done. However, the scenarios described above illustrate why it is important to consider taking action now.

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