Elder man holding rail to help him walk

National Physical Therapy Month 2016

After an automobile accident, fall or other personal injury, the average person often requires assistance with their recovery and pain management. Hupy and Abraham is familiar with the use of physical therapy (PT) for both treatment and prevention, and would like to discuss why more nursing home type facilities may wish to #ChoosePT.

For National Physical Therapy Month 2016, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) seeks to emphasize the risks of opioid use and physical therapy’s role in safe pain management, as well as in injury recovery and prevention.

How Physical Therapy Can Help Residents of Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care

Whether a resident is active, coping with illness, injury or is sedentary, PT can provide an exercise regimen that can help treat and prevent a host of common issues.

  1. Americans’ increased use of prescription opioids for pain management has created a national health crisis from which long-term care residents are not immune. Residents taking prescription opioids to manage pain from chronic conditions like arthritis or diabetes may benefit from PT as a healthy supplement or alternative.
  2. Issues common with aging – balance, strength and mobility – are some of the most frequent reasons nursing home residents experience falls. PT can help circumvent issues and prevent slips and falls from ever happening.
  3. PT can also help rehabilitate seniors after strokes, injuries and surgeries, serving as a preferred alternative to potentially dangerous, invasive treatments.

 A quality nursing home should be proactive about fall prevention, as well as pain management to protect residents from potentially devastating accidents or injuries.

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