insurance adjuster asking man for social security number after crashYou are not legally obligated to give your Social Security number to an insurance adjuster in any situation except when dealing with a taxing authority. You certainly shouldn’t need to give it before your settlement is finalized.

Why Would an Insurance Adjuster Ask for My Social Security Number Then?

It’s possible that the insurer is only using your SSN as an account number and is asking for it so they can access your account in their database. However, be aware that this piece of highly personal information can easily be used to research your involvement in other settlements and claims.

Obviously, this history doesn’t apply to the person who originally asked this question, but it can be used against you if the provider is looking to deny your personal injury claim or diminish your settlement.

Once your settlement is finalized, the adjuster might need your SSN in order to release your payment. Some states have legislation that restrict insurance companies from paying out settlements until your Social Security number has been run through a government database to check for outstanding tax or family support debt.

It is essential that you ask what the adjuster needs your SSN for before giving it out. If you are uncomfortable with this question or have any concerns about dealing with a Wisconsin insurance adjuster, talk to an experienced Milwaukee auto accident attorney.

What You Should Never Say to an Insurance Company After a Car Crash in Milwaukee

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