We’re sure that your friend has your best interests at heart and is relying on information that she believes to be correct. However, the information that she provided to you is not entirely true. While there may be more Iowa drunk driving accidents late at night than during the day, that does not mean that your husband assumed the risk of being killed by a drunk driver by driving late at night.

Drunk driving is against the law in Iowa every hour of every day. Your husband had a right to be on a public road even late at night without being hit by a drunk driver and you may have the right to recover damages for the drunk driver’s actions.

Our Des Moines wrongful death attorneys know that there is nothing that we can do to take away your emotional pain or to bring your husband back. However, we may be able to help your family with the financial loss caused by the drunk driver’s actions and we may be able to help hold that driver accountable for what he has done to your husband and to your family.

Specifically, we may be able to recover damages for your husband’s estate that will compensate the estate for his medical expenses prior to death, funeral expenses, past and future lost income, and for pain and suffering. For more information and for a free consultation, we encourage you to contact our Des Moines wrongful death lawyers directly at 1-800-800-5678 or locally at 515-984-0091.

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