On a clear, sunny mid-July day in 2005, an avid bicyclist from Chicago was turning a corner when she lost control of her bike on what would turn out to be a large accumulation of power steering fluid from a truck parked a block away and owned by Acme Brick and Supply Company. She sustained a serious femur fracture that required two surgeries to rejoin the bone, both successful.

After the accident, the brick supply company's insurance carrier denied that the fluid accumulated on the roadway was a result of any negligence and thus the cause of the accident, though they conceded that fluid was indeed from their truck. Thus, they outright denied her claim and refused to make any offers to compensate for her injuries.

She came to Hupy and Abraham in Gurnee, who filed a lawsuit on her behalf. Extensive investigating uncovered significant flaws behind the insurance company's original stance, and those discoveries were used against them in negotiations.

Without trial, in May 2010, Hupy and Abraham was able to obtain a $725,000 settlement for our injured bicyclist client.