On the morning of April 2, 2013, our client was driving to work when she was struck and injured by a large semi-truck.  Before the collision, our client safely stopped her vehicle for a red light.  Our client was in the right lane, intending to turn right once the light turned green and the cross-traffic cleared. 

At the same time, the truck approaching from behind intended to make a wide right turn from the left lane at the same intersection. As the light turned green, the truck accelerated into its turn, striking our client resulting in a horrible truck accident. The truck driver claimed he arrived at the intersection first and activated his right turn signal, accusing our client of trying to beat him around the corner.  None of this was true. 

The insurance company denied the claim outright, siding with the truck driver.  After Attorney Evan Claditis filed suit, the insurance company relented and settled the case without trial for over $20,000. 

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