In two separate instances, our client was rear-ended in Illinois and injured her neck and wrist. The first accident occured in fall 2006, and the second in early 2007 while she was being treated for the injuries she acquired in the first. She subsequently had wrist surgery and underwent many months of physical therapy for neck injuries, overall making a good recovery.

For the first accident, the insurance company refused to accept responsibility for the full extent of our client's injuries and offered only minimal money. For the second, the insurance company claimed her injuries were caused by the first incident and again made a minimal settlement offer.

Attorney Vito J. Manicioto of Hupy and Abraham in Gurnee filed a lawsuit and aggressively litigated the case. He settled the matter at the pre-trial period for $117,000—$100,000 from the first accident's insurance policy limit and $17,000 from the second accident.