Hupy and Abraham, S.C. is a proud sponsor of the Wisconsin Humane Society Pet Telethon. At the event, Attorney Jason Abraham talked to Alex Lombard about the event and how it helps animals in need.

Jason Abraham: Hi, Attorney Jason Abraham, the managing partner of Hupy and Abraham and I’m here today at the Wisconsin Humane Society Pet Telethon. I’m here with Alex. Alex what are we doing here today?

Alex Lombard: So we are here at FOX 6 today, raising money for the Wisconsin Humane Society. We’ve got a lot of fun going on. We’ve got puppies coming through all morning and we’re so excited to be raising awareness for our great cause and building funds.

Jason Abraham: Yeah, we’re so excited be here. I have a puppy on my shoulder obviously, biting my ear. So how many dogs do you have here today?

Alex Lombard: So, we have about eight coming through, I want to say, throughout the day. They’re coming in shifts so they don’t get too tired but right now we’ve got two folks here. This is Aubrey and she is excited about your ear.

Jason Abraham: She is and she wants to come home with me. I don’t think that’s going to happen because my wife would kill me. And How long will the telethon go on today?

Alex Lombard: So, we are going from 6 am to 10am and we also have some incentives on social media all day. So keep an eye on our pages. There will be some announcements, different matching gifts from our generous corporate partners. 

Jason Abraham: Awesome. We’re so excited to be a part of it and playing with dogs.

Alex Lombard: Yeah, thank you to Hupy and Abraham for being with us today.

Jason Abraham: Our pleasure.