Milwaukee injury attorney Shawn Brock discusses why he came to work at Hupy and Abraham and talks about our unique culture.

Shawn went to law school after nine years of working in the human resource industry. He learned a lot about the law and it motivated him to become a lawyer.

He chose Hupy and Abraham due to its wonderful reputation for helping people who have been injured in accidents. That was the kind of work he knew he wanted to do. His position has given him that chance to help injured people.

The culture at Hupy and Abraham is very unique. There is no "ideal" client. Everyone who has been injured in an accident needs help and can be helped by our firm.

Hupy and Abraham is the most client-oriented firm that Shawn is aware of. Our firm will go out of its way to make sure each client is satisfied and gets the results they deserve.

Many firms view clients as a revenue source. That is not the case at Hupy and Abraham We view each person as an individual with a problem that needs to be solved. It’s our job to solve that problem.

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