In this video, Milwaukee injury lawyer James Shilobrit discusses why he became a lawyer, the advantages of using Hupy and Abraham and what an ideal client looks like.

The first time James thought about becoming an attorney was after a good friend of his applied to law school. After evaluating his skill set, which includes an aptitude for negotiating and persuasion, he realized that becoming an attorney would be a good fit for him.

One of the biggest advantages to hiring Hupy and Abraham is our aggressiveness. Unlike many personal injury firms, we are not afraid to litigate and take your personal injury case to court—James believes that is one of the many reasons why our firm has doubled since he joined.

Because a personal injury case can easily end up in court, our ideal client is someone who is cooperative, patient, and understanding. He or she is also someone who is committed to obtaining treatment and getting better. These factors are vital for a successful outcome.

We have helped countless accident victims. Our goal is to help you recover as much as financially possible for your damages.

We deal with insurance companies on a daily basis. To get started with your injury claim, call us today to schedule your free case evaluation at (800) 800-5678.