Hi, I’m Attorney Jason Abraham.  I’m often asked, ‘what is medical payment coverage or Med Pay?’

Med Pay helps you in the event you’ve been involved in an accident and incur medical bills. You buy this type of coverage to protect yourself from medical expenses that may come from an accident. 
Sometimes people ask me, ‘Should I keep that coverage?’ And the answer is:  it depends on what you can afford. 

If you can afford to have enough liability, and uninsured, and underinsured motorist limits, then you should add Med Pay. If you are under a tight budget, and you need to eliminate certain things, you are better off having higher liability limits, uninsured motorist limits, and underinsured motorist limits than you are having Med Pay — especially if you have health insurance, because your health insurance will pay first. 

Be smart, be educated. When you go talk to your agent, tell them what YOU want.  If you would like me to personally review your insurance coverage, call me at 1-800-800-5678 today.