Riding a motorcycle is more risky than driving a car. Motorcyclists are five times more likely to be hurt in a crash than an automobile driver.  Many motorcycle accidents are caused by reckless or distracted car drivers.

To help reduce the amount of accidents between cars and motorcycles, we’ve put together a list of things car drivers should know about motorcycles.

Drivers should know there are a lot more cars and trucks on the road compared to motorcycles. Many drivers don’t keep a lookout for cycles, and they should.

Since motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, a cycle might look further away than it actually is.

The size of a motorcycle also makes it hard to see in a car’s blind spot.

Their speed is much harder to gauge as well.
riders often slow down by downshifting, or rolling off, the throttle. Car drivers should be aware that a motorcycle may be slowing down without the visual warning of brake lights.

If you see a rider using their turn signals, but they don’t seem to be changing lanes, motorcycle turn signals are not self-canceling, like they are in cars. Riders may forget to turn them off.

Motorcycles are very maneuverable at low speeds. But, do not assume that motorcyclists will be able to dodge out of the way.

In normal, dry conditions, the stopping distance for a motorcycle is nearly the same as a car. If conditions are wet, the motorcycle rider will have to brake more carefully to stop properly, especially during the first hour of rainfall.

Think of a motorcycle rider as a person without protection, not as another car on the road.

If drivers are more aware of motorcycles, many accidents can be prevented, and lives can be saved.

Remember to always Watch for Motorcycles.