Attorney Jason Abraham visited Camp Hometown Heroes to see how it helps the children of military members who were killed in the line of service.

00:05: (Jason) Hi, Jason Abraham from Hupy and Abraham.  I am so excited today to be at camp Hometown Heroes.  They won our 50th anniversary charity poll and I get to see what camp is all about here. Kids that have lost a parent while in the military; it couldn’t get worse than that for these poor kids.  They are here having a great time at camp.  I can’t wait to meet some campers, see the camp. I hear it is absolutely awesome and we are so excited to be here.

00:35: (James) This is just such a great camp.  It helps me and so many other kids so much.  I truly love it here. I look forward to it the moment I get back from it.  And I come back every single year a different person.

00:45 (Taysia) We get to share a special bond between everybody, and we just have the same thing and a loss of a loved one.

00:58 (Ijanae) It is that family.  Because everyone has been through the same thing, everybody has the same reaction to our loved one passing away, and my friends have been helping me a lot.

1:05 (Keira) I like coming to Camp Hometown Heroes because at school there is not a lot of people that have lost a loved one.  So, we all get to share stories and bond over them and have fun together and cry together so we have a shoulder to cry on.

1:20 (Lina) I am grateful that we are here together, because not a lot of people understand what we go through and being at camp here means a lot because we always have a shoulder to lean on.

1:32 (LJ): I feel like if you’ve lost a loved one you should come to this camp because it is really fun.  It’s only 7 days and you get to fly on a plane.

1:43 (Robby): Some people live far away in different states, like I live in Texas.  And they fly us in on Delta Airlines.

1:48 (Portland): I love being here, because everyone here has lost a loved one.

1:53 (Sue Turowski): We have thousands of contributors, and Hupy and Abraham being one of them. We are so gracious for all that you have done, and all the money you have donated to us, and we can’t thank you enough; from the bottom of our hearts here at Camp Hometown Heroes.  Thank you so much for all that you have done for us, and thank you to all the other people who have done so much to support us

2:18: Camp Hometown Heroes rocks!

2:20: I love Camp Hometown Heroes and thank you.

2:24: Thank you for supporting Camp Hometown Heroes!