Managing Partner of Hupy and Abraham Jason Abraham and Partner Chad Kreblin give an overview of the Milwaukee Rally.

00:05: (Jason) Attorneys Jason Abraham and Chad Kreblin here, again.  Reporting from the Milwaukee Rally.  It is Labor Day weekend and we’re back on our bikes again.  We’re at four dealerships this year.  We’re at Suburban, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and West Bend.  Chad, we’re on our bikes having fun.  What’s your favorite part of the rally?

00:23: (Chad) You know hanging out with friends.  There’s so many great bikes out here, so many people have done custom work on their bikes.  It is really enjoyable for me to walk around and look at the different bikes and have fun.

00:34: (Jason) You know we’re a sponsor of the Milwaukee Rally again this year and we’re sponsoring the Run for Cash.  You know, we’re just out here trying to make the experience for bikers here in Southeastern Wisconsin amazing.  I’m having a great time on my bike, having a great time with Chad, and it’s just a fun time to be out on Labor Day weekend and just enjoying motorcycling.  As everyone knows, we’ve been involved with the message of “Watch for Motorcycles” for decades; we just want everyone to be safe.

1:00: (Chad) I think it’s really important that we continue to spread the Watch for Motorcycles message all year round.  And obviously, on weekends like this, there’s a lot of visibility.  We have a presence throughout the metropolitan area, but we do this all year round to make sure that our biker friends are safe.

1:15: (Jason) So we’re having a great time, we hope you are too.  We’re signing off from Wisconsin Harley Davidson on the fourth day of the Milwaukee Rally.