Hupy and Abraham, S.C. partnered with Make-A-Wish Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Admirals on February 2nd, 2019. The firm shared a booth with Make-A-Wish handing out safety awareness materials and taking donations to help grand wishes to children throughout Wisconsin. 

Forrest Doolen 00:08: “We are at Make-A-Wish night at Milwaukee Admirals game and we are so excited and we have over 700 supporters from Make-A-Wish here tonight for this game. It is an exciting night, Hupy and Abraham is here. They have given us the honor and pleasure to be apart of their booth there in the hallway and they are helping us take donations tonight. All to help wishes come true to kids with critical illnesses. All the donations tonight are going to be used to grant more wishes to kids that are battling critical illnesses. These kids go through so much and they are in a lot of dark and challenging times and a wish makes such a difference in their lives. It gives them hope and something positive to look forward to and thanks to Hupy & Abraham and anyone who donates tonight, we are going to make more wishes come true. The Milwaukee Admirals and Hupy & Abraham are both long time amazing partners to Make a wish Wisconsin. We couldn’t begin to do the work we do without them. The Milwaukee Admirals have given us so much over the years and Hupy & Abraham is a partner second to none. And really makes a big difference when we are trying to accomplish this mission and it really makes a big difference in our entire community. Make a wish is all about community, it takes everybody. Anybody and everybody needs to be involved. So when I see people making contributions and stopping by making comments, saying thank you or saying hello it means so much to me because that’s what Make a wish is all about. It is about a community that comes together around children who are battling these critical illnesses."