Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo is widely known throughout the motorcycle community.  He has been a senior motorcycle investigator for more than 22 years, joining the firm in 1992.  “Pan” has been very active in the riders’ rights movement, testifying at every hearing on motorcycle legislation in Wisconsin since 1974.  He helped defeat the mandatory helmet law in Wisconsin, spearheaded angle parking legislation and led the movement for legislation dealing with motorcycle confiscation.  

Tony’s activities extend beyond representing riders at the government level.  He is co-founder of ABATE of Wisconsin and BOLT, a member of Colorado Senator Ben “Nighthorse” Campbell’s Lawmakers and was the first person to be inducted into the Sturgis Freedom Fighter Hall of Fame.  Tony is a lead instructor for Accident Scene Management and a member of Wisconsin EMS Roaddocs, a riding club of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, EMT's and First Responders.